5 Ways Twitter Destroyed My Swimming Without Me Noticing

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Open swim for swimming continuous lengths or widths. The Swim NS Return to Swimming Plan continues to evolve with the recent announcements from the Province of Nova Scotia. Clubs MUST be approved by Swim Nova Scotia before beginning any group training in-person. A revised safe, phased approach will be announced early next week to all members that will outline the steps required to increase beyond a group size of 10 in a manner that is safe for all participants. As the provincial guidelines continue to change, we may re-evaluate our Plan in the coming weeks and make further modifications to increase limits, including group sizes, based on feedback received from Head Coaches and the success that Clubs have demonstrated in each training activity. While we are all very excited to have a provincial increase to social gathering limits, group training sizes for approved Swim Clubs will remain at 10 for those that are beginning training on June 22nd. Beginning next week, approved Clubs may re-submit plans that can take effect starting June 29th or later to demonstrate their ability to follow and maintain social distancing, appropriate disinfection of equipment and personal hygiene. Please note that sports are excluded from this increase.

At sports store, you are bound to feel confused as you see a multitude of shapes, sizes, designs and colors of these caps over there. This means that sports groups must continue to run programs with up to 10 people without physical distancing and up to 50 people with physical distancing. It will also be possible to have groups of up to 10, without social distancing, which means that within the groups of 10 contact is permitted. This can be solved right away if both sides will have an agreement. Coaches must be able to illustrate that a controlled environment can be maintained with more than 10 participants. One of the new initiatives being introduced is the opportunity to increase overall group size; this is determined by the activity to ensure the safety of our swimmers and coaches. The second new initiative is the introduction of an option to have ‘training bubbles.’ A training bubble is a group of up to 10 swimmers that is exempt from social distancing, provided they stay together as a single training group for the week.

Club registration is tentatively set to begin the week of September 8th, Swimming Canada’s Registration database will be shutdown August 24thfor scheduled maintenance and system upgrades. The Club Affiliation and pull buoys Registration process will be the same as it has been in previous years; the Assumption of Risk may be built into Swimming Canada’s Registration database next season and will be a registration requirement. Assumption of Risk and COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance Forms (attached) must be received at the Provincial level (Coaches, Volunteers & Swimmers). Clubs that have not yet submitted a request for approval to begin on June 22nd will be able to submit their request forms and follow the steps outlined in next week’s information. Application Forms for new Phase 1 applicants are to be submitted to Swim NS for review and approval a minimum of 3 days prior to your anticipated start date. Swim NS Approved Clubs are reminded that our modified phase 1 is still in place and the maximum group size is set to 20 (15 in water) for open water and pool training and 50 for dryland training (for approved swim clubs only). It is very important to note that once participants are within a group of 10, they must stay in the same groups and cannot switch to different groups.

Following today’s Press Conference with Premier Stephen McNeil, the Province announced that effective immediately it is now permissible to accommodate groups of up to 50 people, who must maintain social distancing. We now introduce gradual steps that incorporate increases to the general rules around social interactions and restrictions during different activities (open water, pool and dryland training). This applies to water and dryland training. Open Water training has increased to a maximum of 20 swimmers at one time with an additional 5 personnel (total group size of 25). To ensure safety among all open water participants, Clubs should provide appropriate Coach/safety personnel based on increased numbers. Phase 2 of the Provincial framework sees an increase in the group size during training, increased practices and continues to maintain all public health guidelines. The sequences entails in this method are meant to increase functional capability of an organism harmoniously. If we are planning for a vacation which includes scuba diving experiences, learning swimming will be extra helpful. Registration information will be circulated by the end of June. Modifications may be made to Phase 1 based on Public Health Officials, this information will be shared if necessary and when available.


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