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Casino heist stealth best entrance. s Diamond Casino Heist

Casino Heist – The Big Con

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Casino Heist – The Big Con




Mission Objectives

• ­Go to the Casino .

• ­Go to Agatha’s office .


• ­Go to the Casino .

• ­Go to the laundry room .

Gruppe Sechs

• ­Enter the Gruppe Sechs Van .

• ­Deliver the Gruppe Sechs Van to the Casino .

• ­Go to the loading bay .

Yung Ancestor

• ­Go to the Casino .

• ­Go to the management area .

• ­Go to the basement .

• ­Go to one of the keypads .

• ­Simultaneously swipe the keycards .

• ­Enter the mantrap .

• ­Go through the mantrap.

• ­Go to the vault door .

• ­Continue looting or leave the vault .

• ­Go to one of the keypads .

• ­Simultaneously swipe the keycards .

• ­Enter the mantrap .

• ­Go through the mantrap.

• ­Exit the Casino via the [exit point] .

• ­Deliver the loot to the buyer .

Conditions of mission failure


Unlocked by

• ­Completing all required preparations.

Technical Information

Time of day

The Casino Heist – The Big Con is a heist featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update. It is one of the three possible approaches for the Casino Heist mission.


  • 1 Description
    • 1.1 Possible Disguises
    • 1.2 Vault
    • 1.3 Exit Points
  • 2 Trivia
  • 3 Navigation


The Big Con approach is focused on the players using disguises to gain access to the basement of the Casino to steal the loot, then optionally using a new disguise to evade the enemies during the getaway or fighting their way out.

Unlike the other two approaches, each method requires a specific entry in order to maintain their cover. Failing to keep the disguise will alert the guards, therefore switching to an aggressive method.

All weapon loadouts have the Ceramic Pistol as the secondary weapon, provided to pass through metal detectors with no problem.

Possible Disguises

  • Bugstars: To select this entry option, the heist leader first has to complete the “Bugstar Gear Part 1 & Part 2” prep missions. The crew disguises as Bugstars employees and Mileycyrus.Uk the witcher 3 casino door locked heads to the casino in a Bugstars Burrito and equipped with 10 Tear Gas cans. Security guards will indicate that Agatha Baker’s office is infested, Online casino codes 2020 so the crew heads over there. Once they reach the office, one player must hack a level 3 security panel to get access to the elevator, requiring to complete four fingerprint hacking minigames to access it. Once there, they have to sneak through the keypads by evading or knocking out the guards.
  • Maintenance: To select this entry option, the heist leader first has to complete the “Maintenance Gear Part 1 & Part 2” prep missions. The crew disguises as LSDWP maintenance technicians and heads to the casino in a LSDWP Boxville. Security guards will indicate that there is a leak in the laundry room, so the crew heads over there. From there, the crew can make their way through the basement by avoiding the security guards from the restricted areas.
  • Gruppe Sechs: To select this entry option, the heist leader must have scoped out the security tunnel and then has to complete the “Gruppe Sechs Gear Part 1 & Part 2” prep missions. The crew disguises as Gruppe Sechs guards and head to the casino’s access door near the Vinewood Racetrack in a Stockade. The driver then goes through the tunnel leading to a loading bay, Oneida casino players club guarded by a security checkpoint. From there, the crew can move freely through the area to get into the vault room.
  • Yung Ancestor: To select this entry option, the heist leader first has to encounter Yung Ancestor and complete the prep missions “Dead Weight” & “After Party”. The crew disguises as Yung’s guests and goes to the management area. A cutscene plays where Yung and Brucie are discussing about getting in the back of the office, after which the office receptionist insists that it is not possible. As the receptionist gets in the office, Yung sets up the plan by pulling out a handgun, while Brucie points that the keycard is there. Yung shoots Brucie in the leg, drawing attention of the receptionist, but Yung hides the weapon, telling her that Brucie shot himself. The receptionist then attends Brucie and Yung gets inside the office, but before that, Yung tells the crew to get the keycard and get out of there. From there, the crew has to avoid detection from the guards to get into the basement.


Once the players get to the vault, How do casinos report winnings to the irs they need to drill the door locks to open the vault door and get the loot before a failsafe is triggered, activating the nerve agent. If undetected, Racetrack bitcoin casino buffet players have more time inside the vault, but they have to sort out level 3 security locks to open the doors inside the vault.

After exiting the vault, the crew has to get outside the casino by avoiding the guards, which were alerted by the robbery. Lester warns the crew that the police was also alerted.

Exit Points

The crew has the option to exit the casino via one of the five entry points from the other two approaches. Note that by choosing the roof terrace or helipad exit point, players will require Parachutes, which can be found at these locations.

If remained undetected, the crew can go to the laundry room to get either the NOOSE uniform (if the NOOSE Gear prep is completed), All casino entrances the firefighter uniform (if the Firefighter Gear prep is completed) or the “High Roller” set (if the 54 Playing Cards have been collected). This allows the crew to get to the exit without drawing attention from the guards. This room also serves as the location of the main weapon, depending of the weapon loadout.

Once outside, the area is surrounded by LSPD and NOOSE officers, so the crew has to avoid them to make their way to the getaway vehicles and lose the wanted level. If the crew fails to remain undetected, they have to fight against them instead. After losing the cops, the crew can safely drive to the buyer’s location to complete the heist.

Big M seeks to purchase assets from closed SunCruz casino boat

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) – It appears that the county’s remaining casino boat, Big M, will be purchasing some of the assets of the now-defunct SunCruz Casino, pending approval by the county.

An agenda for Tuesday’s Horry County Council meeting includes an item detailing the sale of business assets of SunCruz, which was abruptly closed late last month, to Big M, which currently operates a gambling cruise on Waterfront Road in Little River.

The SunCruz Casino, one of the Grand Strand’s only two legal gambling boats, abruptly ceased all operations in July, according to a message left on the company’s main business line.

The message states that as of July 28, “Jacks or Better SunCruz Casinos has ceased all operations.” The message then directs callers to the other casino cruise line in Littler River: Big M.

The SunCruz Casino was apparently operating as late as Sunday, with a message posted to its Facebook page promoting the Sunday cruise from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. A calendar on the company’s website still shows events for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in July.

The cruise line, which offered slots machines, Best casino welcome offers 2020 poker, table games, sports betting, and other games, closed once before back in 2009, but was replaced with a new boat from South Beach, Florida, operated by Aquasino Partners of South Carolina, according to information from North Myrtle Beach and SunCruz.

The Horry County Council plans to discuss the business activities of the SunCruz, the purchase by Big M Gaming of the business of SunCruz and the property, the settlement, and operation by Big M of a casino boat business, according to a Horry County Council meeting schedule.

The Horry County Council will consent to the purchase of the SunCruz business and property from which SunCruz has been operating, and the continued operation of Big M or its principals at that location, according to the meeting schedule.

The agenda states that Big M plans to purchase $2 million-worth of business assets from SunCruz, excluding the boat, the land, and the docks on which SunCruz operated.

The meeting will take place Tuesday, August 12 at 6 p.m.

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